Working for Cygnus

“Working for one of the most innovative B2B media companies is both challenging and exhilarating. Being part of a team of talented professionals that strive to be the very best and care about the products, customers and the company’s success will give you a sense of career fulfillment and professional stimulation that you may not get in other companies.”

  • Ed Wood
    Vice President, Human Resources & Communications


At Cygnus we strive to uphold our 7 Core Values in every aspect of our work. Additionally, our management makes their commitment to our employees known by putting those commitments in writing.


We operate with integrity displaying high ethical standards and professional conduct.


We are competitive. Intensely focused on the markets we serve, we are innovative and creative, working to meet the markets’ needs, deliver valuable service to our clients and grow our business.


We are a team. No one stands alone because we know that none of us is as good as all of us.


We respect each other; we appreciate all of the disciplines that make our business successful.


Our leadership works as one to support and empower our people and contribute to their careers and success.


We believe business should be fun. With a forward-thinking culture and an unquestionable sense of team, we foster camaraderie, solicit ideas, support innovation, and create a vibrant workplace. Cygnus will be a magnet for those who share our values and intensity.


We encourage and actively promote a healthy lifestyle, one with a positive work-life balance, because that enriches our people and our culture.


Core values are our operating principles, part of our company’s DNA. They require and can only function with full commitment. The Cygnus management team makes these commitments to everyone working in this organization:

  • We are committed to communicate openly, to work with integrity and trust, treating each other and every Cygnus employee with respect.
  • We are committed to success – for you and for our financial partners.
  • We are committed to think and act strategically, working together to create the media business of the future.
  • We are committed to provide a leadership team that believes in each other. We will discuss and debate the critical issues facing our company, then quickly make decisions and move ahead as one, supporting each other, our core values and our business objectives. There will be no corporate politics; nothing will disrupt our focus on helping everyone succeed in the markets we serve.
  • We are committed to providing our team members with all of the elements needed to support professional growth and success, to make Cygnus a great place to work.
  • We are committed to our Core Values.